Author of the first book published in Macedonian language at the end of the Second World War (Poems, 1944), Aco Šopov became also the first Macedonian to publish a book of satirical poetry, in 1968: Mr. Yunivers. His controversial book Merge with Silence, published in Skopje in 1955, was published in Ljubljana in 1957 (Zlij se s tišino), making him the first Macedonian author translated into Slovenian, one of the three languages of his country, the former Yugoslavia.

During his lifetime, he published twelve collections of poetry in Macedonian, as well as eight books of selected poems in Macedonian and ten in foreign languages. The number of the latter has been steadily increasing since his death in 1982.

Aco Šopov’s poems have been published in various anthologies in English, and from English he translated Shakespeare’s sonnets, as well as Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet.

In this room of the Library of his Lyrical House you will find a selection of:
his original collections
his translated collections
the books translated in Macedonian by him 
the books about him

A selection of his poems, writings and interviews, as well as of articles about his poetry is available in the Reading Room.