Aco Šopov: Translated books

Aco Šopov was the first Macedonian poet to be translated into Slovenian, one of the three languages of the former Yugoslavia: the controversial book Merge with Silence, published in Skopje in 1955, was published in Ljubljana in 1957.

During his lifetime, he published ten collections of selected poems in foreign languages, the number of wchich has been steadily increasing since his death in 1982.

Aco Šopov’s poems have been published in various anthologies in English, including the following ones:

  • An Anthology of Modern Yugoslav Poetry in English Translations / Janko Lavrin.- London : John Calder, 1962.
  • A texte-Book of the Macedonian Language / Krum Tošev and Dragi Stefanija.- Skopje : Matica na iselenicite od Makedonija, 1965.- 185 p.
  • Reflexions of pain and Unsubmissiveness : Selection of Macedonian Poetry from the Early Beginnings to Our Day.- Skopje, 1972
  • Introduction to Yugoslav Literatur : an Anthology of Fiction and Poetry / ed. by Branko Mikasinovich, Dragan Milivojevich and Vasa D. Mihailovich.- New York : Twayne, 1973.- 647 p.
  • Contemporary Yugoslav Poetry / Vasa D. Mihailovich.- Iowa City : University of Iowa Press, 1977.
  • Reading the Ashes : an Anthology of the Poetry of Modern Macedonia/ Milne Holton, Graham W. Reid.- Pitsburg : University of Pitsburg Press, 1977.
  • Evenings of Macedonian Poetry : Days of Macedonian Culture.- Skopje : Republic Commission for Cultural Relations of the Socialist Republic of Macedonia, 1979.- [68] p.
  • White stones and fire trees : an Anthology of Contemporary Slavic Literature / Vasa D. Mihajlovich.- London : Associated University Presses, 1977.
  • To Struga with love / Stanley H. Barkan.- Merrick – New York : Cross cultural Communications, 1978.
  • Longing for the South : an Anthology of Contemporary Macedonian Poetry / Sitakant Mahapatra, Jozo T. Boškovski.- New Delhi : A. K. Dash, Prachi Prakasan, 1981.
  • Macedonian Poetry / transl. N. Kuhner, G. Reid.- Aligarh – India : Editor Baldev Mirza, 1983.

Learn more about a selection of his books published in different languages in this section of the Library of his Lyrical House. (work in progress)

  • Zlij se s tišino (Merge with Silence – Slovenian, Ljubljana). Prepev Ivan Minati. Ljubljana : Državna založba Slovenije, 1957. 72 p.
  • Örök várakozó (Eternal waiting – Hungarian, Novi Sad ). Foditotta: Fehér Ferenc, Novi Sad, Forum, 1964. 78 p.
  • Ветер приносить погожие дни (The Wind Carries Beautiful Weather –Russian, Moscow). Перевод Александар Романенко. Москва: Прогресс, 1964. 64 p.
  • Предвечерје (Evening time – Serbo-Croatian, Titograd). Избор, превод и препјев Сретен Перовиќ. Титоград: Графички завод, 1966. 115 p.
  • Ugnus-milestiba: dzeja (The Love of the Fire: Poetry – Latvian, Riga). Sakartojis Aleksandar Romanenko. Riga: Liesma, 1974. 103 p.
  • Песме = Песни (Poems Serbo-Croatian and Macedonian, Belgrade). Избор и предговор Георги Старделов; превод и препјев Сретен Перовић, Београд: Народна књига, 1974. 277 p.
  • Pjesma crne žene (The Black Woman’s Song – Croato-Serbian, Zagreb). Prevela Elina Elimova, Zagreb, August Cesarec, 1977. 39 p.
  • Dugo dolaženje ognja. Izabrane pesme (The long coming of Fire. Selected poems Serbo-Croatian, Belgrade). Превод Сретен Перовић, Београд: Рад, 1977. 105 p.
  • En chasse de ma voix. Choix et adaptation Djurdja Sinko-Depierris, Jean-Louis Depierris, Paris, Еditions Saint-Germains-des-Prés, 1978. 60 p.
  • Naşterea cuvéntului (The Birth of the Word – Romanian, Cluj-Napoca). Selectiesi traducere de Ion Deaconesvu ; prefatâ si note Traian Nica. Cluj-Napoca: Dacia, 1981, 91 p.
  • Пјесме (Poems – Serbo-Croatian, Sarajevo). Превео и препјевао Сретен Перовић; изабрао и приредио Изет Муратспахиќ. Сарајево: Веселин Маслеша, 1984. 175 p.
  • Lector de cenizas. (Reader of Ashes – Spanish, Mexico City).Presentación selectión i traducción por Aurora Marya Saavedra. México: Cuadernos Cara a Cara, 1987, 93 str.
  • Шопов во светот, Шопов од светот (Šopov worldwide – Multilingual, Skopje). Избор и предговор Милош Линдро. Скопје: Македонска книга, 1993 (Избор, кн. 2).
  • Anthologie personnelle (Personal Anthology). Poésie traduite du macédonien par Jasmina Šopova ; introduction d’Ante Popovski ; adaptation et postface d’Edouard Maunick. Paris: Actes Sud / Editions UNESCO, 1994, 143 str.
  • Stigmate=Лузна (Scar – Macedonian-French, Skopje). Edité par Jasmina Šopova. Skopje : Matica makedonska, 2001. 253 p.
  • Senghor-Šopov : Parallèles (Senghor and Šopov side by side– Macedonian-French, Skopje). Edité par Jasmina Šopova; Introductions: Jasmina Šopova, Hamidou Sall, Risto Lazarov. Illustrations: Hristijan Sanev. Skopje: Sigmapres, 2006. 206 p.
  • Sol negro (Black Sun – Spanish, Buenos Aires ). Traducción de Luisa Futoransky. Prólogo y selección por Jasmina Šopova. Buenos Aires : Leviatán, 2011. 98 p.
  • Geburt des Wortes = Naissance de la parole (The Birth of the Word, German-French, Skopje). Gedichte übersetzt aus dem Makedonischen von Ina Jun Broda ; Traduit du macédonien par Jasmina Šopova et Edouard J.Maunick. Struga: Sruga Poesieabende / Soirées poétiques de Struga, 2010. 92 str.
  • The Word’s Nativity. Edited by Kata Ćulavkova. Skopje: St. Clement of Ohrid National and University Library, 2011. 196 p.
  • Soleil noir = Schwarze Sonne (Black Sun German and French, Differdange) Préface = Vorwort: Jasmina Šopova. Differdange: Editions PHI, 2012. 121 str.
  • Раждание на словото (Birth of the Word – Bulgarian, Ruse).- Роман Кисьов – подбор, превод, предговор.- Издателство „Авангард принт”, Русе, 2013.

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