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Contemporary Yugoslav Poetry / Vasa D. Mihailovich, Iowa City, University of Iowa Press, 1977.

Contemporary Yugoslav Poetry“Together with Koneski and Janevski, Šopov is one of the founders of contemporary Macedonian poetry. A subtle lyricist, a sensitive observer, and a poet of intense personal experiences, he has enriched Macedonian poetry at the very beginning of the new period, thus creating models for the younger poets. He was also one of the first to liberate Macedonian poetry from a prevalent non-esthetic criteria in the late nineteen forties.” This is how the editor introduces the selection of Šopov’s poetry in this Anthology which presents 43 contemporary yougoslav poets in 1977. 

The authors are presented in the order of their appearance as poets. Aco Šopov appears in fifth place, after Desanka Maksimović (Serbia), Edvard Kocbek (Slovenia), Mak Dizdar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Jure Kaštelan (Croatia).

Included Šopov’s poems: I Search for my Voice, The Prayer for a Simple but not yet Discovered Word, The Hunt oh the Lake, Poem, Fate (excerpt).