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Translated authors by Aco Šopov

Apart from his lyric poetry, Šopov was also a prolific translator. He translated two Russian classics, Lay of Opanas, by Eduard Bagritsky (1951) and the Fables of Ivan Krylov (1953), two French classics, Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand (1957) and Le Cid by Pierre Corneille (1958), three major works by Shakespeare, Hamlet (1960), Romeo and Juliet (1964) and a selection of 60 Sonnets (1968), and a major selection of Poems by Léopold Sédar Senghor (1975).

He also translated the most important Yugoslav authors: Oton Župančič (1951), Jovan Jovanović-Zmaj (1954), Gustav Krklec (1954), Miroslav Krleža (1963), Grigor Vitez (1965), Izet Sarajlić (1965), and Dragutin Tadijanović (1966), not to mention countless selections of authors from different cultural backgrounds published in magazines and anthologies.

In addition, Šopov was also the first to translate “Puss-in-Boots” into Macedonian. In fact, he translated a collection of twelve French tales for children, in 1955.

One reason why Šopov the translator was much more prolific than Šopov the writer was that he had an obsession: to introduce the Macedonian readership, from a very young age, to the great literary works of the world, in order to contribute to their further enrichment, after Second World War.

You can find an overview (in Macedonian) of all his translations here.

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