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November 2013, promotion of the book Раждане на словото (Birth of the Word) by Aco Šopov, in Sofia

On 27 November 2013, the director of the Macedonian Cultural Centre in Sofia, Vasko Šutarov, organized the promotion of Aco Sopov‘s first book to be published in Bulgarian under the title Раждание на словото (Birth of the Word). The author of the choice of poems, of the translation and the illustrations of this book published by Avangard Print, in Ruse, is Bulgarian poet and painter Roman Kissiov.

When he presented this book, Roman Kissiov declared: “It seems to me that the appeal and fascination for Aco Šopov’s poetry lies not only in the author’s great talent and maestria but also in his noble-mindedness and idealisme, that may seem utopical and anachronical – especially today, when pragmatism and technocracy supersede spirituality. But in reality, this noble mindedness and idealisme carry with them universal values, dealing with Man and his origins, eternal values upon which human existence rests and from which it draws its energy.”

The warm welcome from the host, Vasko Šutarov, the poet’s widow Svetlana Šopova’s both emotional and lucid recollection of the past, and the beautiful interpretation in Macedonian and in Bulgarian of young actor Ivan Kalošev, accompanied by talented guitarist Iva Hristovska, turned this evening into a convivial moment the public will remember.

On the table in front of the speakers, a flower bouquet, gift to Aco Sopov’s widow and daughter from Bulgarian poet Ljubomir Levčev served as a token in absencia of pen brotherhood. Despite his poor health Ljubomir Levčev, also organized a more intimate tribute to his friend in his home a few steps from the Macedonian Cultural Centre.

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