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Aco Šopov: The YUunivers (Јус-универзум), 1968

Ацо Шопов, Јус-универзум, 1968 Aco Šopov is the author of  the first book of satirical poetry in Macedonian: The YUniverse. Its title, set the tone: Šopov parodied the society, through the YUS standard, the equivalent of ISO on a national scale in Yugoslavia. “YUS has become our second nature,” he said in an interview (1967). “We live, eat, judge, sleep, act and love according to the YUS”. And the poet went on to comb through the yus-poets, yus-novelists, yus-critics, yus-competitors and various other yus-politicians, well aware that “satire is a dangerous zone, a slippery slope that disrupts the peaceful order of things.”