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Aco Šopov : Sol Negro (Black Sun)

Editorial Leviatán, Buenos Aires, 20112011 Sol_Negro

This book born thanks to a series of poetical encounters and friendships, was published by Editorial Leviatán in Buenos Aires, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Aco Šopov’s death. We owe its existence to the enthousiasm of two Argentinian poets : Luisa Futoransky, who translated it from Spanish,  and Claudia Schwartz, who published it.  After having discovered Šopov’s poetry in the French translation, she said: “I had the feeling, when I read some of his poems, that I was hearing a distinctly different voice, perceiving an entirely unique sound and taste”.

“Translating a poem is cracking a ‘hard nut’, even for the greatest masters of verse, according to Aco Šopov in 1957. “A translator worth his salt is the creator of a poetical work to the same extent as the author.”

The content of the book is available on this same page in Spanish.

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