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Luisa Futoransky, Argentina

Born in Buenos Aires in 1939, Luisa Futoranskyis is an Argentine writer, scholar and journalist living in France, since 1981, ten years after left Argentina permanently in 1971. She and has lived in Italy, Spain, Japan, where she taught opera at the National Academy of Music, and China.

“Luisa Futoransky is a poet of lived experience above all, though not hers alone; other voices inhabit the work, whether of friends, lovers, fellow travellers (people she met or figures from history and literature). Like her fiction, the poetry employs a direct language rooted in anecdote and reflection, while sometimes delighting in playful experimentalism,” said Jason Weiss (read the whole text)

Since her first book of poetry, Trago fuerte (Strong drink), published in 1963, she has published more than 20 books in Spanish.

In English, she has published Nettles (Ortigas), translated by Philippa Page (Shearmans books, UK, 2016):

Her works are also part of anthologies, such as: The Duration of the Voyage, New York, and The House of Memory. Stories by Jewish Women Writers of Latin America. (1999).

Named a Chevalier in the French Ordre des Arts et des Lettres in 1990, she was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1991.

Luisa Futoransky translated into Spanish and published in Argentina a collection of Aco Šopov’s poetry:  Sol Negro (Black Sun), Editorial Leviátan, 2011.

Read her poem “With the Fingers“.

Read the introduction to her collection of poems in English, Nettles, by Jason Weiss.