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Nebidnina: a lyrical-philosophical metaphor*

Зоран Константиновић

Zoran Konstantinović (1920-2007), Serbian literary theorist

In this article, Zoran Konstantinović addresses the subject of the metaphor “nebidnina”, arguably the most famous in the rich metaphorical repertoire of Aco Šopov’s poetry. How can this key word, which allows us to understand the entire poetry of the great Macedonian poet, be transposed into another language?

Zoran Konstantinović believes that a successful aesthetic transposition can only be achieved by revealing the full semantic content of this metaphor. However, the semantic content in this case is at the same time a deeply philosophical content. Both being and non-being express the fate of the entire Macedonian people through the centuries to laboriously assert their national existence. Consequently, Zoran Konstantinović tries to find solutions for an aesthetic transposition that will make the poem fully understandable in another language.

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* The original text, in Serbian, was published by the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, in the series Contributions of the Department of Linguistics and Literary Science, in 1977, ІІ, 1-2, pp. 109-114.