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Aco Šopov: Ugnus-milestiba: Dzeja, Riga, Liesma, 1974

Ugnus-milestiba: dzeja (Љубовта на огнот: поезија). Sakartojis Aleksandar Romanenko. Riga: Liesma, 1974. 103 str.

Knuts Skujenieks (1936-2022), Latvian polyglot poet and journalist, published a major selection of his translations of Aco Šopov’s poetry, under the title Ugnus-millestiba (The Fire’s Love), with Liesma Publishers, Riga, in 1974.

Skujenieks also translated Yugoslav classics such as Oton Župančič (Slovenia) and Desanka Maksimović (Serbia) into Latvian.

The poems in Ugnus-millestiba date from the years 1956 to 1970. The selection was made by Russian poet Aleksandr Petrovich Romanenko, who is also the author of the preface. A. Romanenko previously made the selection of poems and prefaced Šopov’s book Ветер приносит погожие дни (The Wind Carries Beautiful Weather), published in Moscow, in 1964, in a translation by Yuri Levitansky.

The book Ugnus-milestiba had a print run of 8,000 copies.