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Aco Šopov’s live and work in the 1960s – Timeline

Aco Šopov dans les années 1970.1970: Publication of the collection Reader of the Ashes (Kočo Racin Literary Award). Winner of the Children’s Literature Festival Prize, Serbia, for his translation of the works of Jovan Jovanović-Zmaj. Winner of the AVNOJ prize, the highest Yugoslav award.
1971: As a poet and man of culture, Šopov is appointed Yugoslav ambassador to Senegal. This diplomatic mission lasts until 1975, during which time he translates a large selection of poetry by the poet and president of Senegal, Léopold Sédar Senghor. Šopov presents Senghor as a candidate for the Golden Wreath, the main award of the Struga Poetry Evenings.
1974: Ugnus-milestiba (The Fire’s Love), a book of Šopov’s poetry in Latvian is published in Riga, translated by Knut Skujenieks.
1975: Official visit of Senghor to Yugoslavia and reception of the poetry prize in Struga. Publication of Senghor’s Poems, works selected by Šopov and translated by him (in collaboration with Vlada Urošević and Georgi Stalev).
1976: Publication of the collection The Song of the Black Woman, inspired by Šopov’s stay in Senegal (Miladinov Brothers Award at the Struga Poetry Evenings), of a bilingual, Macedonian and Serbo-Croatian selection of his poems under the title Poems (edited by Georgi Stardelov) and of his Selected Works in five volumes (edited by Slobodan Micković). Šopov is appointed Chairman of the Republican Commission for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries. He organises the Days of Macedonian Culture in Rome and Brussels.
1977: Publication of the booklet (limited collector’s edition) Man is immense, the ocean, small (edited by Georgi Stardelov), the collection The Long Coming of the Fire. Selected Poems, in a Serbo-Croatian translation by Sreten Perović, and The Song of the Black Woman, in a Croat-Serbian translation by Elina Elimova. Šopov organises the Days of Macedonian Culture in Zagreb. His health begins to deteriorate: in January, he stays at the University Clinical Centre in Ljubljana (Slovenia); in July, he convalesces in Brezovica (Kosovo). Days of Macedonian Culture in Paris and Tito’s official visit to France in October. Šopov goes as a member of the delegation, having retired shortly before from professional life for health reasons.
1978: Publication of a selection of his poems in French, translated by Djurdja Sinko-Depierris and Jean-Louis Depierris, under the title En chasse de ma voix (Seeking My Voice). Stay at the Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris. In February, he writes, among other things, the “Elegy of the Poet Clochard”. November: literary evening dedicated to Šopov at the Yugoslav Cultural Centre in Paris.
1979: Stay in Zagreb, Croatia, for health reasons.

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