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Quotes about Šopov

This small section of the Reading Room of Aco Sopov’s Lyrical House contains a choice of quotations about the Macedonian poet.

  • It seems to me that Aco Šopov’s poetry is seductive and fascinating not only because of its author’s great talent and mastery, but also because of its nobility and idealism, which may seem almost utopian and anachronistic – especially today, when pragmatism and technocracy triumph at the expense of spirituality. In reality, however, this nobility and idealism convey universal values, which focus on man and his origins, timeless values on which human existence is based and from which it draws its energyRoman Kissiov, 2013.
  • Šopov has shifted the horizon of contemporary Macedonian poetry. Kata Ćulavkova, 2012.
  • I had the feeling, when I read some of his poems, that I was hearing a distinctly different voice, perceiving an entirely unique sound and taste. Claudia Schwartz, 2011
  • At first glance, Aco Šopov’s poetic universe may seem inaccessible, such as a mysterious and dark fortress, full of apocalyptic scenes, lifelong tears, unhealed wounds, contradictions… But if we were to force the gates of this fortress and decide to follow the poet on his way through ruins and rubble, we would find that after all these sinuous twists and turns, the meanders that criss-cross this supposedly enclosed world all lead to a blossoming, a dazzle, an illumination. Jasmina Šopova, 2011.
  • And when we think we’ve said everything about him, Aco Šopov still surprises us. Jovanka Drugovac, 2003
  • No one feels like a stranger in Aco Šopov’s poetry. Bahgat Elnadi, 2002.
  • There is a cosmic resonance in his poetry (…) that makes it reach the very source of life. Adel Rifaat, about Aco Šopov, 2002
  • Šopov’s poetry is outstanding for its qualities of uprightness, nobility and modesty. Yves Bergeret, 2002.
  • Poetry – and more so this poetry – removes us from time and space all the while anchoring us mysteriously over time and in specific places. As violent as it is tender underneath, it speaks the truth in accessing the innermost being. Federico Mayor, about Aco Šopov, 1993.
  • If it is true that readers always give new meaning and new life to poetry, then they shall know how to prolong Šopov’s poetic words, brutally interrupted by death. Radojca Tautović, 1982.
  • A subtle lyricist, a sensitive observer, and a poet of intense personal experiences, he has enriched Macedonian poetry at the very beginning of the new period, thus creating models for the younger poets. He was also one of the first to liberate Macedonian poetry from a prevalent non-esthetic criteria in the late nineteen forties. Vasa D. Mihailovich, 1977.