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Aco Šopov’s live and work in the 1940s

1940: Aco Šopov writes his first collection of socially inspired poetry, which disappears, along with other clandestine documents, in a police raid, during the occupation.
1941: He becomes a member of the Yugoslav Communist Youth.
1942: With two high school mates, he publishes the newspaper Spark clandestinely.
1943: He gets his high school certificate in his home town and joins the Partisan resistance in the mountains.
1944: He publishes the newspaper of the Third Macedonian Shock Brigade, Fire, in which his war poems appear. At the end of the year, his first book, Poems, is published.
1945: Appointed Vice-President of the National Liberation Youth Union of Macedonia (NOMSM). First trip to the USSR as a member of a Yugoslav youth delegation. Editor-in-chief of The Young Combatant, a youth newspaper. Launch of the arts, science and social sciences magazine Nov Den (New Day), of which Šopov is one of the editors and later the editor-in-chief; it lasts until 1950.
1946: Graduates from the Đuro Đaković High School of the Party, in Belgrade. Participates in the First Congress of Yugoslav Writers, as a member of the Nominating Committee and the Supervisory Board. Publication of the collection The Youth Railway, co-written with Slavko Janevski, during their participation in the construction of the first railway in Yugoslavia after the Second World War, the “Brčko Banovići Youth Railway”. A thousand foreign youth participated in it, alongside more than sixty thousand Yugoslavs.
1947: Šopov becomes one of the eight founding members of the Society of Writers of Macedonia, which he will chair several times.
1948: Birth of his son Vladimir, from his marriage to Blagorodna.

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