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Reading the Ashes, An Anthology of the Poetry of Modern Macedonia, compiled and Edited by Milne Holton and Graham W. Reid, University of Pittsburgh Press, 1977.

The first section of the Anthology [which borrows its title from a collection by Aco Šopov] is devoted to those three poets who burst into prominence in the years just following the Liberation. Here is Blažé Koneski, a reflective and scholarly poet drawing from his own experiences in his own culture and from the poetry of the other Slav peoples. Slavko Janevski is perhaps Macedonia’s most prolific writer, whose simple, lonely, ironic, and vivid imagination makes his poems still very much alive. Lastly, here we have the poetry of Aco Šopov, complex, profound, and deeply private, and perhaps of the three the richest and most sharply influential upon those who followed. 

Excerpt from the introduction of the Anthology.

Included Šopov’s poems