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Aco Šopov : The Youth Railway (Пруга на младоста), Skopje, 1946

Пруга на младоста, 1946

Aco Šopov: The Youth Railway, 1946.

“With this collection, Slavko Janevski and Aco Šopov have established themselves as poets who keep pace with the times,” wrote the literary critic Dimitar Mitrev at the time of the book’s publication, “and who are able to go beyond our purely local realities. But Mitrev’s sharp pen does not stop at compliments, for he adds “To tell the truth, their poems do not represent any particular advance as works of art”.

Inspired by their own experience in building one of the first railways in Yugoslavia after the Second World War, the poems in this collection are grouped into two cycles: Slavko Janevski’s “Burning Youth” and Aco Šopov’s “Our Railway”.