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Welcome to Aco Šopov’s Lyrical House. Aco Šopov (1923-1982), one of the founders of contemporary Macedonian poetry, is among South Eastern Europe’s most eminent poets of the 20th century.

  • For more information on this site, go to his Lyrical House, which opened its doors on October 8, 2014.
  • A glimpse of the author’s life is in the Display Case, whereas illustrations of his life are in the Photo Library.
  • You will find a selection of his books in the Library, and a choice of his poems and writings in the Reading Room, which also contains articles and quotations about him.
  • The Gallery exhibits a series of portraits of the poet by Macedonian painters and sculptors, as well as works of art inspired by his poetry.
  • Events, classified according to year, will give you an idea of the cultural events that are regularly organized in his honour.
  • You can also visit the Video Library, buy a book at the Bookstore, find useful web links and get to know the poet’s friends.
  • A special room is devoted to the Macedonian poets who received the Aco Šopov Prize for the best collection of the year, an award attributed each year since 1999 by the Macedonian Writers Society.
  • The Lyrical House also includes a community space devoted to its Foundation and its Association.
  • To remain informed, visit the Blog and to write to us go to Contact.