Ацо Шопов: Раждане на словото (Birth of the Word), подбор и превод на Роман Кисьов. Авангард принт, Русе, 2013.

2013 Razdanie na slovoto

This first translation into Bulgarian of a selection of Aco Šopov’s poems was published on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the poet’s birth. During the promotion of this book designed, translated and illustrated by the Bulgarian poet and painter Roman Kissiov, the latter said : «  It seems to me that the appeal and fascination for Aco Šopov’s poetry lies not only in the author’s great talent and maestria but also in his noble-mindedness and idealisme, that may seem utopical and anachronical – especially today, when pragmatism and technocracy supersede spirituality. But in reality, this noble mindedness and idealisme carry with them universal values, dealing with Man and his origins, eternal values upon which human existence rests and from which it draws its energy ».

«To continue living, poetry needs a house », so literary critic Kata Ćulavkova, when she presented the book during the tribute to Sopov in Skopje in 2013. And she added « Translation is such a house».

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